Conflict Affected Disabled People in Nepal Program (CADP)

Conflict is one of the major causes of disabilities in Nepal. According to the GoN record, There are about 8,000 persons (MoPR’s Record- as of 2012) certified as physically disabled due to the conflict. Majority of them need assisting devices and rehabilitation therapy services. During the conflict period, people have lost their physical parts of the body. On the other hand, their access to the physical rehabilitation services are limited due to the availability of only few physical rehabilitation services. NDF has been providing quality rehabilitation services to the PWDS since 3 decades. In spite of this, there are still enormous needs to further reach more PWDS to avail them of essential rehabilitation service and ensure the service continuity in the remote and conflict-affected districts of Nepal. To address these needs and to ensure the access of quality rehabilitation to facilitate PWDS their requirement of the long-term functioning, the services are planned to the provided by NDF and other rehabilitation centers with financial support to Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction, Nepal Peace Trust Fund and the close technical support from Handicap International. Through the provision of quality and accessible and physical rehabilitation service, conflict affected, vulnerable and isolated persons with disabilities are functionally independent and enabled for their full and equal participation in the society and ultimately contribute to the peace process in Nepal .