Physical Rehabilitation Services

National Disabled Fund (NDF) has been delivering service of Physical Rehabilitation consisting of mainly Physiotherapy and Prosthetic and Orthotic services since 1981.

Physical Rehabilitation Services project is one of the main projects of the NDF which have been running under prime objectives of rendering quality physical rehabilitation services to socio economically poor people with disabilities (PwDs) of Nepal. Producing assistive Devices and physiotherapy services are the services available in the centre.  Mainly orthosis and prosthesis devices are manufactured. Similarly, walking and mobility aids and development aids are distributed to the disabled people after proper assessment. Apart from these, the Persons with Disabilities who need surgery are referred to the respective hospitals. After surgery, the clients are followed up by the centre and assisted further whether they need physiotherapy, orthosis or prosthesis devices. The strength of the physical rehabilitation services is that it has well qualified and experienced staffs and has a well set up orthopedic appliances production centre .The Centre is centrally located and well known to the government bodies and other organizations and has an upgraded modernized workshop with modern machine and equipments.

The concept of the project is to access physical Rehabilitation services for people with disabilities. The project goal is to make the Persons with Disabilities economically sustained, socially acceptable and be physically mobile. The targeted beneficiaries of this project are the poor Persons with Disabilities mostly post polio, amputee, stroke, cp, other orthopedic congenital deformity and conflict victims. During the reporting period total 605 Persons with Disabilities directly benefited from different services and appliances/ devices of this project.