Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on children with development delays which are cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, learning disability, muscular dystrophy and so on.

Mental functional rehabilitation : Occupational therapy also focuses on the mental functional rehabilitation. People with mental illness needs rehabilitation for returning back to their social life. Occupational therapist use the various activities for it which are a handcraft making(eg ceramic, weave), carpentry, painting, finger painting, and so on.
Also the group therapy to be needful and helpful therapy for them to learn how to make relationship with another person.

Definition of Occupational therapy
(made by ANOT / Association of Nepal Occupational Therapists)
Occupational therapy is a healthcare profession working towards the prevention to and / or the restration of independent functional Ability.

Occupational therapists work with people and communities in order to facilitate maximum personal independence in daily activities.

This is achieved through such medium as; purposeful activity, therapeutic activity, provision of assistive devices/mobility aids and wheel chairs, skill training, education, environmental adaptations.

The number of OT professionals are rising day by day in a small number which is somehow a good news for the people working in this sector. But, still there are very few numbers of Occupational Therapist in Nepal with lacking of the OT services not being accessible to all.

On the other hand, those many professionals aren’t the expertise. Infact, thay have been taking only the training for couple of years and working in the particular field. So, it would be very generous if JICA supports the organization by providing OT foreign volunteer.

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